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Dec 11, 2012 11:00pm EST
worrying and love the fiscal cliff. the leaders i talked to today know their actions will take us over the cliff. i understand there is now perception among the media that the man who got every republican to pledge no new taxes is spent. the no tax increase republicans regard the stance as a birthright. a guy that is so anti-spend that he seemed to care more on these issues and more about the accountability for the disaster relief money. i can't really believe that. but a lot of guys down there will do anything to prove a point. but i can tell you there are enough garrets to force us over the cliff. given that the president is not going to let up. got a question either people don't know about the cliff or they believe that a deal will be done. and they that they have fulfilled the norquist pledge. where were the republicans when they refused to pay for the wars, cut taxes, took money from the chinese two, why didn't republicans press for spending cuts when the president extended the tax cuts? and why doesn't the president offer spending cuts to medicare and defense and social security? how about weapons programs that don't fit in the terrorism world? how about foreign aid and maybe haggle with the drug compa
Dec 7, 2012 6:00pm EST
hate to even say it anymore -- fiscal cliff is? today we got an incredible employment report from the labor department. with 146,000 new jobs. i was looking for 90,000. the unemployment rate dropping to 7.7. i thought it might be 8%. and all this despite the effects of hurricane sandy. who knows how high we could have been if it weren't for that darn hurricane? yet the market barely blinked. yet the potential layoffs if we go over the cliff make these rearview numbers seem almost irrelevant to the market. hence the mixed performance of the averages today. sure, dow gained 81 points, but the s&p barely budged, edging up 29%. and the nasdaq actually declined .38%, led once again by the slip sliding away apple, which you know i like, but how many times during a particular show can i say i like it? so with that in mind, what's the game plan for next week? first off, perhaps the most important day of the week is monday. but not for any earnings. not for any releases. that's when we process the results of the weekend talk shows, which you now have to watch as if we were instead of watching, you know, college gameday, i'm watching
Dec 4, 2012 11:00pm EST
a buy into any fiscal cliff-induced weakness going forward. let's go to beth in new york. beth. >> after adding $100 million in share buybacks, where could chipotle mexican grill be headed? >> i like the fact that everyone has given up on them and they are now ready to expand the shop house kitchen thing. i think the $235 to $250 i said they bottomed but i'm bullish on them. need a boost? starbucks could be the right brew. they have a great price and because teavana is good. the lightning round is coming up next. >> keep up with cramer all day long. follow @jimcramer on twitter. >>> it is time for the lightning round. we are both kicking it back and forth whether to pull the trigger. you should have one too. knock out ko. allen in michigan. >> jim, booyah. i'm currently holding sprint and i've had a pretty decent gain. >> i don't want you to take that gain. i want to buy one. do not sell sprint it is a good one. matt in michigan. >> i was wondering about toyota or ford. >> i pulled up with the subaru guy. their business is good. i prefer ford to toyota. tracy in arkansas. >> ye
Dec 13, 2012 6:00pm EST
-ugh. that's the new thing for fiscal cliff. two lines. anyway, gap is not getting credit it deserves, the recent pullback is a terrific buying opportunity, one you don't want to miss, at least to get started to building a position, pending congress and the president, issuing their sell, sell, sell, with each day that the budget talks falter, even the new ones. you know what? let's go to mike in wisconsin, please. >> caller: booyah, mr. cramer, big fan of the show. never miss it. >> that's fantastic. appreciate the kind words. what's going on? >> caller: my question, jcpenney, up about 15% this week. has the stock maybe turned around? more room to run, or is this maybe a bunch of short comings? >> well, i think the bottom. talking about this with stephanie link, the codirector of action alerts my charitable trust. we think ever since manny charico, the fabulous ceo of pvh talked about stores within a store at jcpenney doing well, i think it was the bottom and the stock going up ever since. i don't like jcpenney, but too late to hate. too late to hate. like no vacati
Dec 12, 2012 6:00pm EST
fiscal cliff. and he's extremely anxious about how that new found mandated austerity will mean huge job losses. yeah. lots and lots of people not being able to pay for dinner. our network calculates that while there'll be some powerful initial debt reductions from the reduced spending and much higher taxes, going over this cliff women cost this country 2 million jobs. do you ever hear that during the day? 2 million jobs. a lot of jobs. which is why we believe congress and the president must rise above their stances and compromise to give us a more reasoned way to try to balance the budget. in other words, bernanke like so many of us has given up on washington's ability to govern, at least when it comes to the economy. he knows he's alone in trying to get people hired. he doesn't want to be blamed for what happens when we go over the cliff. he's actually more worried about those who don't have jobs than he is about those who do. put simply, the guy's got heart. he's not willing to check the heart at washington's door. all right. come on, this show's about making money, cramer. not a
Dec 10, 2012 6:00pm EST
apple? do we pay too much attention to the fiscal cliff excluding everything else? with the dow up 15 points, nasdaq rising 5.30%. we talk about how the transports farewell, or how i like the new honey well application. where you should buy the aig over the dip. it's fun for us to puzzle over the strength of hewlett packard. deckers down $3 because of the warm weather impact on uggss that what's behind coach today? that's what i regard as productive use of my time. but unfortunately, that's not the case for many of you and in many ways, it's not what you need to hear. in fact all those issues i just mentioned, aren't even mildly important after the big things we battle every day. first let's tackle the fiscal cliff. i'm beginning to hear a ton of blow back about how he talk about it too much. jim, give it a rest, will you? i'm getting a feel of how our rise above campaign is still warm, because the politicians aren't going to rise above, stop kidding yourself cramer. yes, yes, yes to my mono vacati without legislation motto. i wish i never had to talk politics ever. one of the reasons that i started "mad money" was that i would never have to talk politics. that's somethingsona that
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)